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Elevate Your Outdoor Oasis with Nurney's Expert Gardening Services

At Nurney Landscape and Design, our gardening services transcend the ordinary, extending far beyond routine mulching and weeding. Our team of seasoned horticulturists and designers understands the multifaceted art of garden planning, installation, and maintenance. We meticulously select the most suitable plants, consider their optimal planting times, and strategically place them within the garden to foster vibrant growth and captivating aesthetics. This expertise sets us apart from other landscaping companies in the Bucks County area.

nurti peat organic mulch

Our comprehensive maintenance program typically includes weekly visits to your garden, ensuring that it remains in pristine condition throughout the seasons. We use 100% organic Nutri Peat mulch, a sustainable solution that effectively conserves soil moisture and enhances the visual appeal of your garden beds. During our detailed spring and fall cleanups, we thoroughly re-mulch the beds, preserving their fresh and inviting appearance. Additionally, our expert gardeners perform timely trimming and pruning to promote healthy, robust plant growth.


Whether you envision a specific garden design or prefer our expert guidance, our design and maintenance teams collaborate seamlessly to transform your vision into reality. We take pride in creating gardens that surpass expectations, blending seamlessly with your unique style and preferences. Investing in a garden is a significant decision, and entrusting Nurney Landscape and Design ensures your investment receives the utmost care and attention. With over three decades of experience in Bucks County, we possess an unparalleled understanding of the local climate and environment, enabling us to cultivate thriving gardens that flourish amidst our region's unique conditions.


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