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Lowering Noise Levels with Our Electric Fleet

At Nurney Landscape and Design, we're well aware that the hum of landscaping equipment can become part of your daily soundtrack, especially during busy seasons. That's why, as part of our commitment to greener practices, we switched to an all-electric maintenance fleet last year. One of the most noticeable benefits? A huge reduction in noise levels!

Gas vs. Electric: A Volume Comparison

Gas-powered commercial mowers often roar at around 95-100 decibels (dB). That's comparable to the sound of a motorcycle or a passing subway train. On the other hand, our powerful electric mowers operate at around 75 dB – that's closer to an average vacuum cleaner.

Speed and Sound: The OptimusZ Advantage

Not only are our mowers significantly quieter, but they are the fastest commercial electric mowers on the market, reaching speeds of up to 16mph. This means several added benefits:

  • Faster Cuts: We're able to finish projects more quickly, reducing disruption to your neighborhood or business.

  • Employee Efficiency: Our team spends less time on each job site, increasing their overall productivity.

  • Community Respect: The combination of lower noise and less time spent mowing demonstrates our consideration for the surrounding environment.

“Since switching to electric mowers & equipment we have had many of our clients comment on how much quieter they are than the gas-powered units.  It has been funny that they knew something was different but didn't know what. That's how good the electric mowers are!” - Nurney Employee

Why Noise Reduction Matters

It's not just about comfort. Here's why we care about reducing noise pollution:

  • Hearing Health: Prolonged exposure to loud equipment can cause hearing damage. Our electric fleet protects our team's long-term health.

  • Sustainability Mindset: Quieter equipment goes hand-in-hand with our zero-emissions fleet, furthering our commitment to environmentally friendly landscaping practices.

Experience the Difference

If you've noticed a quieter atmosphere while our team works, that's the power of our electric equipment! We're proud to make this investment in a healthier, more harmonious environment for our employees, clients, and our community as a whole. If you would like to experience the difference of an all-electric maintenance fleet, click here!


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