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Commercial Landscaping With Nurney

Nurney Landscape & Design is a well-known and well-loved residential lawn care company in Bucks County. But did you know that we also offer all landscaping services to commercial properties? From salting and snow removal to mowing and pruning, we help keep your business property beautiful and accessible all year long. Having a professional landscaping company, like Nurney, can help your business achieve a lasting and important good first impression on your potential clients and customers. We can also ensure that your landscape instills confidence in current clientele’s choice to continue utilizing your business or service. Nurney’s commercial landscaping can help create a personalized and un

Year-Round Lawn Care For Your Home

A beautiful lawn needs maintenance at just the right time. Rather than worry about chasing down gardeners, mowers, the tree guy, the weed and pest gal, the snow removal team, etcetera, you can rest easy knowing the folks at Nurney Landscape & Design are on it. We believe that a healthy cared-for lawn is a real thing of beauty. In addition to providing you and your family with a lovely place to play and relax in the warmer months, a lawn is the frame to your home and raises your property value greatly. Well-maintained lawns can contribute to the overall neighborhood aesthetic and atmosphere. Although your lawn, plants, shrubs, and trees obviously grow much slower during the winter, regular ma

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"Very professional company- helped us with our water erosion and drainage issues. Pleasant people to work with and we look forward to continuing working with them as we improve our property." - T. Holcombe

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