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Dormant Oil Treatment

Unwelcomed insects can cause considerable damage to your landscape. Trees and shrubs are the costliest and the most prominent of all your plants. Oftentimes, you will not know there is an insect problem until you catch them in the act of destroying your plants during the growing season. Unfortunately, by this time they may have already done considerable and irreversible damage. Dormant oil treatment is one way to combat insects before they break into full-on feeding mode. Insects like to spend the winter inside your trees where they can lay low, and lay eggs, sheltered from the elements. In the spring, they will emerge hungry and in greater numbers. Dormant oils are specialized oils that are

Winter Tree Pruning With Nurney

Timing is everything when it comes to caring for your lawn and landscaping. When pruning your trees, this is especially the case! With few exceptions, pruning yields the best results when carried out during the tree’s dormant period in the winter. Pruning should be a regular part of maintenance for both your trees and shrubs. There are many reasons that pruning is important, including: - Improved plant structure and appearance - Train young plants - Revitalize older plants - Control plant size - Manage flower or fruit production - Reduce the risk of property damage Practically speaking, pruning is easier when the tree is dormant. Without leaves obstructing the view, it is easy to identify wh

Start Now On Your Spring Landscaping Projects!

January is a great time to get started on your spring landscape projects, especially if you plan on enjoying your yard once summer arrives. A great landscape starts with a beautiful design plan. Nurney Landscape is a Design-Build company. We listen to what you want, what you envision for your home, and then we lend our expertise and award-winning design capabilities to make beautiful and lasting landscapes. Using a professional service like Nurney to design your landscape means getting clarification on: -Large landscaping (plant beds, shrubs, trees) and hardscaping features (walls, patios) -The amount of space you would like the landscaping to occupy as well as the location -How much of the

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