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The Estimate Process

One of the most common requests we get at Nurney Landscape & Design is for project estimates. Getting an estimate for your landscaping project is not always straight forward, but with the right information, we can create an estimate that meets your budget and expectations! Follow along to learn more about the types of questions we ask when going through the estimate process. What’s Your Budget? Most of our services and products have a vast price range and each project is based on many different factors. In order to better guide you, we’ll need to know the budget range you are hoping to stay within. Examples: $10,000-20,000, $20,000-35,000, $35,000-50,000. Knowing your budget will help create

Bed Maintenance

Flower Beds Create a beautiful landscape design with flower beds that compliment your home. Flower beds are a lovely way to showcase seasonal colors and bridge the gap between the landscape and your home. Plus they add interest, value, and curb appeal by filling in the framework provided by trees and shrubs in your yard. Nurney Landscape & Design has everything you need to create attractive and colorful flower beds for your home. Bed Maintenance Flower beds keep your property looking beautiful and bright when cared for properly. Left untamed, however, and they can develop weeds, compacted soil, wilted plants, and sloppy edges. Not everyone has the time to keep their beds in perfect condition

Increase your Homes Value

Increase Your Homes Value Nurney Landscape & Design is the premier landscaping company in Bucks County. Not only do our services add beauty and functionality to your home, but they also increase the value. Rest assured, the money spent towards your landscaping design or project will pay dividends when it comes to the value of your home. An article from Valerie Kalfrin at Homelight.com dives into the research on value-added by landscaping. Landscaping Costs Versus Value Across a variety of research from Virginia Tech, The American Society of Landscape Architects, and The National Association of Realtors there’s one common theme: Landscaping adds significant value to your home. Here’s what stu

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