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Snow Plowing & Salting

There are plenty of things that can go wrong when removing snow and ice: you can harm your plants and landscape or even injure yourself. You've heard all the tips before. Make sure you don't try to shovel too much at once, maintain good posture, and be careful not to slip. Be careful of using plow blades on patios and hardscapes. The list goes on and on. Nurney Landscape & Design is pleased to offer plowing, shoveling, and salting services once again this winter. Let us take your winter worries away. As a client of Nurney, we will manage your snow for you so you don't have to worry! You don't have to even think of it--no calls necessary. If there's snow, we will be there. As a courtesy, if

Final Fall Clean Up & Winterization

Trees are looking bare and cold winds signal a looming winter. Yard work may be the furthest thing from your mind right now but there is still much to do before winter moves in. One last fall cleanup can tidy things up nicely and ensure a smooth transition into spring of 2020. Falling leaves and those blown in from neighbors’ yards have blanketed your turf once again. If these leaves are left all winter, they prevent oxygen and light from reaching your grass. This effect can be more severe as the leaves begin to decompose - creating a slimy layer that seals your lawn off from air and light. Downed tree branches or other debris may be littering your yard. Scattered dead plant material can pro

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