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Final Fall Cleanup & Winterization

Trees are looking bare and cold winds signal a looming winter. Yard work may be the furthest thing from your mind right now but there is still much to do before winter moves in. One last fall cleanup can tidy things up nicely and ensure a smooth transition into spring of 2020.

Falling leaves and those blown in from neighbors’ yards have blanketed your turf once again. If these leaves are left all winter, they prevent oxygen and light from reaching your grass. This effect can be more severe as the leaves begin to decompose - creating a slimy layer that seals your lawn off from air and light. Downed tree branches or other debris may be littering your yard. Scattered dead plant material can provide a safe home for harmful insects over the winter. You won’t want these guys around in the spring so you may as well minimize the risk now. For this same reason, you will want to remove any annuals that are still in place. Cleaning out your gutters prevents nasty leaf sludge build-up and allows your gutters to work properly throughout the winter. Clean gutters that drain well will be less susceptible to damage and have a longer lifespan.

Nurney Owns and Operates All Of Their Own Specialized Equipment

Nurney Landscape & Design offers excellent winterization, fall cleanup, and maintenance packages to set your property up for a healthy fall and winter before some great growth next spring. Call today to schedule your appointment, 215-794-8599.

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