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Nutri-Peat Organic Mulch

Mulching is important, however, we also believe that using the best possible mulch is equally important, which is why we use Nutri-Peat. Nutri-Peat is an organic and eco-friendly mulch, which is great for your home, our county, and our environment as a whole. Unlike many other mulches that are hardwood-based and end up hardening into a layer and robbing nutrients from the soil, our eco-friendly mulch does just the opposite. Nutri-Peat composts and promotes healthy soil activity while also adding nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to your soil.

Better For The Environment

In addition to making landscapes attractive, mulch adds an extra layer between plant roots and air, helping to protect plants in a variety of ways. Mulch helps reduce evaporation, which allows the soil to retain water longer. This means plants require less frequent watering. Mulch also helps plants thrive by inhibiting weed growth, preventing soil erosion, and moderating soil temperature. Because Nutri-Peat is an organic mulch, it will help improve the condition of the soil by adding nutrients as it decomposes.

Rich Dark Color

On an aesthetic level, Nutri-Peat also enhances the look of your home, by maintaining a rich dark brown color that resists fading. In addition to its uses with trees and shrubs, this eco-friendly mulch also does well with both annual and perennial flowers, garden vegetables, and vines, so your options are endless!

Book Maintenance With Nurney

We are proud to use Nutri-Peat, an eco-friendly mulch, for all homes and properties during spring cleanups. Fill out a contact form to book your maintenance package or next design project.


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