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We Use 100% Organic Mulch

Nutri-Peat Organic Mulch

At Nurney Landscape & Design, we use Nutri-Peat mulch. This 100% organic mulch is a beautiful all-natural dark brown color and will feed your planting beds with all organic nutrients. Unlike conventional mulch, organic mulch fertilizes the soil and encourages earthworms, which come to the soil surface in the evening to feed on decomposing organic matter. We’ve searched far and wide for organic mulch, and have been extremely satisfied with Nutri-Peat!

Mulching Is Essential

Mulching is an important step towards keeping your garden and flower beds looking beautiful. The benefits don’t stop there as mulching is about much more than appearance. It keeps soil and roots at a consistent temperature, especially important for protecting plants from early warm-ups in the spring. This protective barrier also helps lock in moisture and suppress weeds. It does this both by blocking out sunlight that triggers the germination of seeds and by acting as a physical barrier between seeds and soil.

Landscape Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining a home, using multiple contractors to solve and take care of different issues is common practice. At Nurney Landscape & Design, we offer a single point of contact to handle and maintain your property. From the dead of winter to the heat of summer we have the tools and team that can take care of your property, year-round. Mulching your garden beds this Spring will help your landscape start off on the right foot.

Lets Work Together

One contact, no juggling multiple contractors and equipment, and a beautiful, well-managed landscape, that's the Nurney promise. To get started on your landscape and design project or to work with Nurney year-round, contact us at (215)-794-8599.


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