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Outdoor Living Spaces

Creating a relaxing, stylish, outdoor living space increases the appeal and value of your home. Outdoor living spaces also provide an oasis for you and your family to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort. As a full-service installation provider, we have over 30 years of experience designing and implementing fully custom outdoor living spaces.

Stonework Options

Stonework is one aspect of your outdoor living space. Our team is well versed in the design and installation of pavers, flagstone, bluestone, masonry walks, and patios. When it comes to stonework here in Bucks County, there are several considerations when choosing the right materials. The weather has created the demand for durable, long-lasting hardscape materials like concrete, granite, and flagstone pavers. Investing in quality materials that can handle our big temperature swings will secure the investment in your outdoor living space.

Patios Versus Decks

One of the most popular outdoor living space projects we do are patios and pergolas. These structures add framing to the outdoor space and create a gentle perimeter that can offer shade on those sunny Pennsylvania days. When deciding between a patio/pergola versus a deck we like to think in terms of function. Decks have high maintenance costs like staining and often require a permit. Decks can also be trendy with tons of material options to choose from. Patios and pergolas are often more long term, essentially maintenance-free, and have a classic look. They also leave the structure component out and in turn, most patios do not require a building permit.

Built-In Features Versus Furnishings

Another important area to consider for your outdoor living space is furniture versus built-ins. While purchasing furniture can be inexpensive to start, you may have to replace the sets and cushions often. If long-term investment is important to you, consider built-in outdoor seating with Nurney. These creative benches and nooks help to define the border of outdoor rooms and create comfortable seating that stands the test of time.

Get Started On Your Outdoor Living Space

Ready to put some life into your landscape? The experts at Nurney Landscape & Design can help you add value to your property with an outdoor living space. One contact, no juggling multiple contractors or equipment, and a beautiful, well-managed landscape. That's the Nurney promise. To get started, contact us at (215) 794-8599 or head over here.


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