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Gutter Placement And Proper Drainage

Drainage and gutters are a popular topic of discussion for homeowners in Bucks County - and for good reason. Did you know that Bucks County gets 25% more precipitation than the rest of the country? On average, we receive over 48 inches of rain a year while the rest of the United States sees about 38 inches. So why is drainage so important? Excess water can end up making a mess of your landscape, or worse, end up in your basement. Considering all the wet weather we receive in Bucks County, we recommend taking care of drainage issues before the rainy season starts.

Gutter Placement

Ensuring that gutters have a downspout every 40 feet is key. Doing so prevents overflowing gutters and maxed out downspouts. Downspout placement is also key. They must extend at least 10 feet from the foundation of the home. Both of these factors are essential for proper drainage. When water ends up pooling near the foundation of your home, it’s a recipe for trouble. But, getting the water away from your house isn’t enough if it can’t drain properly.


Improper grading on your property can lead to poor drainage and cause a variety of issues. A common sign is dead patches in the grass or around trees and shrubs. You might also notice spongy and oversaturated areas that rarely dry. Many landscaping companies will push people towards installing pipes. This is not the solution! Grading your landscape to move water off of your property is the key to handling drainage issues, especially for flooded basements and pooling water.

Protect Your Home

Trying to solve drainage issues through DIY methods is a daunting task that involves heavy equipment. Flooding basements and water near the foundation of your home is not something to ignore - leave it to the professionals. Nurney Landscape and Design Inc. is an expert in solving drainage issues. With over 35 years of experience in Bucks County, we know how to provide you with long-term solutions to protect your property. Contact us to discuss solutions for your drainage needs by filling out one of our lead forms!


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