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Shade, Opportunity Not Obstacle

When it comes to your landscaping, it is easy to see shade as an obstacle rather than an opportunity. It is difficult for many plants, including turfgrass, to grow in shady areas. Shade spots may end up being blank or underutilized. Call Nurney Landscape & Design to find out how to see your yard as an opportunity (215) 794-8599

However, it is easy to forget that shade can be a valuable commodity - especially during the dog days of summer. With a little effort and imagination, shady areas can become a welcome refuge from the summer heat. Some plants such as hostas, hydrangeas, and begonias prefer the shade over blazing sunshine.

Shade can also create muddy areas where turf struggles. Try a groundcover of some kind like ajuga and mazus. These plants grow aggressively in cool shady areas and provide a unique alternative to turf. Mosses are another non-traditional plant that form a rich, durable carpet in areas of limited sunlight. Top things off with a few chairs or a hammock and your once-blank space become a cool oasis all summer long.

The skilled professionals at Nurney Landscape & Design want to help you utilize every inch of your yard, shaded or not. We have creative solutions that will help you see the shaded corners of your space as opportunities for summer enjoyment.

Call us for an appointment today: 215-794-8599.

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