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Pet-Friendly Landscaping

Many of you love a great backyard; many of you also love being dog owners. What steps can we take to make your landscape as dog-friendly as possible? We’ll look at how to protect both your lawn and your canine in the steps below.

Dog urine can be very damaging to grass and plants due to the high level of nitrogen contained in it. The easiest solution to this problem is training your animal to do their business in a specific portion of the yard. Building a doggy area with a gravel or mulch in an inconspicuous part of your lawn will make cleanup easy and give your dog some privacy. Once you’ve trained your dog where to go, you should avoid any problems with urine elsewhere in your yard.

If your animal is stubborn or you don’t have a good spot for a “doggy potty,” make sure you look at the type of grass you have in your yard. At Nurney we’d be happy to determine what species of grass you have in your yard, and offer a solution if you elect to change. In Buck’s County, bermudagrass or fescue-type grasses are the hardiest.

Beyond dealing with urine, consider where your dog will spend the most time in your yard. Most dogs are territorial, and if your yard in fenced, they will likely spend a lot time patrolling the length of your fence. Keep plantings a few feet from your fence to allow your dog to run along the fence without destroying your flora.

Finally, consider adding a water feature for your pooch. Splash fountains, small ponds, or other water features can keep your dog hydrated without your animal having to head back indoors. And they are a lovely touch for any landscape! Check out our build page for some inspiration!

Give your friendly landscapers at Nurney a call, and we’d be happy to discuss how to make your yard as pet-friendly as possible!

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