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Landscape Layaway

Do you have property projects you want to get completed but need to pay them off a little at a time? No problem! We are here to help budget out your projects by offering a Landscape Layaway program! Nurney Landscape & Design is the premier landscaping company in Bucks County and we are booking projects from September on. Get ahead of your next project by securing a spot on our schedule and paying down the project over time. Not sure where to start? Here are some of the most common projects we do in late summer and early fall.

Drainage Solutions

Improper grading on your property can lead to poor drainage causing a variety of issues including dead patches in the grass, around trees and other shrubs, and creating unusable space that rarely dries on properties. These issues only tend to get worse as they creep close to the foundation of the home. When a landscape holds water near the foundation, it often leads to bigger problems like flooded basements, slow deterioration of structure foundation, and hardscapes like walkways, steps, and retaining walls. We’ve seen homeowners suffer from tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to their property.

Renewing Mulch

Mulching is an important step towards keeping your garden and flower beds looking beautiful. But mulching is about much more than appearance. It keeps soil and roots a consistent temperature, especially important for protecting plants from early warm-ups in the spring. This protective barrier also helps lock in moisture and suppress weeds. It does this both by blocking out sunlight that triggers the germination of seeds and by acting as a physical barrier between seeds and soil.

Patios and Decks

One of the most popular outdoor living space projects we do are patios and pergolas. These structures add framing to the outdoor space and create a gentle perimeter that can offer shade on those sunny Pennsylvania days. When deciding between a patio/pergola versus a deck we like to think in terms of function. Decks have high maintenance costs like staining and often require a permit. Decks can also be trendy with tons of material options to choose from. Patios and pergolas are often more long term, essentially maintenance-free, and have a classic look. They also leave the structure component out and in turn, most patios do not require a building permit.

Landscape Layaway

Ready to put some life into your landscape? The experts at Nurney Landscape & Design can help you add value to your property with our expertise of landscaping here in Bucks County. One contact, no juggling multiple contractors or equipment, and a beautiful, well-managed landscape. That's the Nurney promise. To get started, contact us at (215) 794-8599 or head over here.


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