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Introducing Bucks County's First All-Electric Maintenance Fleet

At Nurney Landscape & Design, we are thrilled to announce a new milestone for our company and the entire landscaping industry. We have made the decision to transition to an all-electric maintenance fleet, powered by solar energy. This move sets us apart from other landscaping companies in Bucks County when it comes to sustainable practices, offering benefits to the environment, our customers, and our company. Join us as we delve into the advantages of our brand-new all-electric maintenance fleet!

Positive Environmental Impact

By embracing all-electric/battery-powered maintenance equipment, we are making a statement in support of the environment. Our commitment to sustainability reduces our noise pollution, emissions, and carbon footprint. By using solar energy to charge our battery packs, we have eliminated the need for gasoline with our maintenance equipment while reducing our carbon footprint at the same time. We are excited to be doing our part!

Economic Benefits For All

Our transition to electric equipment unlocks economic benefits for both Nurney Landscape & Design and our clients. By reducing maintenance costs and enhancing performance and reliability, we can deliver the same high-quality services while keeping costs competitive. The elimination of gas-powered maintenance equipment translates into substantial fuel savings, resulting in notable cost reductions for our company. The economic advantages of our all-electric maintenance fleet extend beyond financial savings - it's a win-win for all parties involved. These reduced costs have allowed us to keep our pricing competitive for clients too!

Less Noisy For Everyone

One of the key advantages of our all-electric/battery-powered maintenance fleet is the significant reduction in noise levels. We have created a better work environment for our dedicated team and clients alike. Our maintenance crew can operate in noise-sensitive areas without disturbing nearby residents or wildlife. Many states, cities, and municipalities have actually begun banning gas-powered maintenance equipment because of noise and emissions. Will Bucks County be included in that list? Only time will tell.

Embrace the Future with Nurney Landscape & Design

Our decision to transition to an all-electric maintenance fleet, powered by solar energy, shows our dedication to sustainability and environmentally responsible practices. The benefits of reduced noise pollution, emissions, and carbon footprint extend to both our customers and the wider community, creating a greener, less noisy, and more sustainable future.

The combination of economic, environmental, and noise reduction advantages make our all-electric fleet the ideal choice for eco-conscientious clients. Join us on this exciting path toward a green future! Contact us today to discover how our all-electric fleet can elevate your property while preserving our environment and peaceful community. Together, let's embrace the power of sustainability.


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