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Design Now While It's Fresh in Your Mind

Start Designing Your Landscape Now

While early spring is an ideal time to lay a fertile foundation for optimal landscaping, it is not the only time to ready your exteriors for the next growing season. The end of summer is the perfect time of year to start a design project. Not only is your landscape fresh in your mind but the landscape is primed for late-season planting that will come back even stronger next spring. It can feel counter-intuitive to think about landscaping as summer winds down but it is one of the best times to work on your landscape.

Take Advantage of Late Summer

Nurney can help inspect your landscape for any open spaces you may want to fill with trees, shrubs, evergreens, grasses, and perennials. Some of the common landscape design projects we do during the late summer include designs to attract birds, new flowerbeds, or fresh seating areas. Need a splash of color early next spring? This is the time to plant spring bulbs like tulips and daffodils to make a fabulous statement come springtime.

Overseeding and Aerating

Overseeding and aerating your lawn will repair any summer damage from heat, insects, and drought. You will mow less because there is no excess growth. Nurney can also help you prepare your beds with trimming and edging services so that you can enjoy the display in the spring. Cleaning up flower beds now is much easier than fighting the wet weather and rapid growth season in spring.

Get Designing With Nurney

Think you should only mulch in spring? Mulching helps your plantings retain moisture and it inhibits weeds. Mulching now forms a protective barrier against the ravages of cold weather, killing frost, and it’s an especially good insulation for your perennial garden. Interested in changing or updating your landscaping? Let Nurney Landscape & Design help, 215-794-8599.


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