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Decorating For Fall & Winter

Liven Up Your Home

Fall is settling in and aside from taking care of fall clean up, it’s a good time to decorate your property with decor that accents the seasons. Nurney Landscape & Design offers decorating services for both autumn and wintertime. This can be added as part of the Nurney year-round maintenance package or booked as a one time service. Let’s cover some of the most popular fall and winter decorations we can do here in Bucks County.

Fall and Halloween Decor

Highlighting your landscape with fall colors will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, add curb appeal, and add value to your home. Fall time decor such as pumpkins, gourds, wicker baskets, and hay bales are all popular options that can work both for Fall and Halloween style decorations. Orange isn’t the only option when it comes to adding some color. There are a variety of beautiful fall colors like yellow, red, and brown that can work depending on the home. Consider adding a fall wreath or cinnamon brooms that accent and add warm aromas to entryways. The colors, decorations, and smells will bring your home and landscape to life!

Holiday Lights and Cheer

The most common place to hang lights includes around trees, roofs, windowsills, along pathways, and entryways. A simple, yet classic look is a strand of white lights that follows the roofline of your home, which brings the feeling of the holidays in a clean modern look. Are you looking to do something with a bit more pop? Many property owners like to create an outdoor Christmas tree that the family and neighbors can all enjoy. We have the equipment to hang lights from any size tree, so don’t think about trying to climb up there yourself! In addition to Christmas lights, we can incorporate other decorations such as wreaths, ornaments, and lawn decorations.

Let’s Decorate

Interested in letting Nurney Landscape & Design take care of decorating your home? We have over 30 years of experience here in Bucks County and would love the chance to bring your landscape to life during the upcoming holiday season. Leave the boxes of tangled Christmas lights and Halloween decorations to us. Call (215) 794-8599 for more information.


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