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Build and Installation

The installation of your landscape is critical to the appearance and long-term success of your vision. As a full-service installation provider, we ensure each element is properly constructed and placed. Our installation team works closely with the designer to help bring the ideas on paper to life. We have certified irrigation installation specialists, stonemasons, horticulturalists, and more.

Stonework Options

Stonework is a major aspect of most outdoor living space and landscape builds. Our team is well versed in the design and installation of pavers, flagstone, bluestone, masonry walks, and patios. When it comes to stonework here in Bucks County, there are several considerations when choosing the right materials. Our weather has created the demand for durable, long-lasting hardscape materials. Investing in quality materials that can handle our big temperature swings will secure the investment in your outdoor living space.

Stamped Concrete

We like to guide our clients away from using a concrete pad if at all possible. The reason for that is; if anything were to go "wrong" with the pad, the entire pad would have to be removed and you would have to start from scratch to replace. The added cost of excavation, stone removal, and then a replacement can add up quickly. Matching the color of the stamped concrete also poses its own challenges. Instead, we suggest that our prospects and clients consider using pavers or flagstone. The overall cost when considering the future is significantly less. The upfront costs are slightly more. However, repairs are relatively hasslefree and you will always be able to match color and style.

Get Started

Ready to put some life into your landscape? The experts at Nurney Landscape & Design can help you add value to your property with our array of landscaping services including hardscapes, stonework, outdoor kitchens, arbors & pergolas, outdoor lighting, irrigation systems, landscape planting, and drainage systems. One contact, no juggling multiple contractors or equipment, and a beautiful, well-managed landscape. That's the Nurney promise. To get started, contact us at (215) 794-8599 or head over here.


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