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Fanning The Flames

Summer will always reign as the ‘outdoor season.’ School’s out, the days are long, the weather is warm, and it’s time for swimming pools and summer vacations! As scorching heat wanes in the evenings, relaxing in your own backyard becomes very appealing. You can make your outdoor living space truly special with one ingredient: fire.

Practically speaking, fire elements add welcoming warmth and light to a chilly evening. They can also act as a central feature of your landscaping and a gathering point for friends and family.

When considering a new fire feature, there is a wide range of options in terms of size and type. Portable fire pits can be bought at most home and garden stores and are relatively convenient and inexpensive. Watch out for your grass though. Even elevated fire pits can burn your yard.

Fire pits can also be added as permanent fixtures to an existing patio, or part of a new one. Installed benches or ledges surrounding the pit provide seating without the clutter or traditional furniture. If you are planning a new outdoor living space, a fire pit can be a starting point from which you work outwards- adding seating and plant beds that radiate accordingly.

If you prefer a more open patio space, an outdoor hearth and fireplace may be the way to go. Fireplaces, complete with chimneys, are large structures that act as a centerpiece for wherever they are placed. Instead of residing in the middle of your living area, fireplaces can be set off to the side, defining the edge of your patio. For a different look, you may consider an entire fireplace/hearth structure. Outdoor fireplaces with ornate designs and unique shapes can offer a look of established elegance that can rival any indoor living room.

Whatever specifics you choose, Nurney Landscape & Design can help design and install a fire element that will undoubtedly draw a crowd to your yard. For all the modern comforts that we enjoy, there is no substitute for comforting flames on a summer evening.

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