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Our Service Options | Nurney Maintenance Package

Are you looking for a single landscape service provider who can take care of your entire property? We have been offering a full range of landscape maintenance services in Bucks County for the past 35 years. Each package is customized for your property, includes a minimum of three services, and starts with monthly payments as low as $550 per month.

Spring Cleanup & Mulch

Our spring cleanup and mulch services are generally performed during the months of March through May. This service provides mulching, debris cleanup, and edging of your garden beds. As we are cleaning up your property, it gives us the opportunity to get an up-close inspection of the condition of your lawn, garden and flower beds, hardscapes, etc. We will address any issues with you and make sure your property is set up for a strong growing season.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn care, when done right, can be a daunting and time-consuming task for a homeowner. A beautiful lawn needs maintenance at just the right time. Rather than worrying about chasing down gardeners, mowers, the tree guy, the weed and pest gal, the snow removal team, etcetera, you can rest easy knowing the folks at Nurney Landscape & Design are on it. Most of our clients sign up for lawn maintenance services to occur weekly from April through November.

Gardening Services

In addition to weeding and mulching garden beds, our team of expert gardeners know how to manage the different plants and flowers in your beds and maximize their potential. Trimming and pruning flowers at the right time means longer blooms and more enjoyment out of your garden. With over 30 years of experience here in Bucks County, we've been managing flower and garden beds for hundreds of properties. We find that gardening services are best performed twice a week from May through October.

Turf Fertilization

At Nurney Landscape & Design we apply an organic turf fertilizer six times per season. We will adjust the timing, frequency, and rate of application to meet horticultural conditions. Typically, the first service happens in March and the last application will happen in October.


Pruning services are dependent upon seasonal influences but usually take place during the months of June & July. We will hand prune or shear to maintain shape and remove dead, diseased, broken, or overgrown branches. This includes all groundcovers, evergreens, deciduous shrubs, ornamentals, and trees up to 10’ in height.

Fall Cleanup

The fall cleanup service is usually performed during the months of November through December. We provide very thorough and complete cleanup which includes leaf removal, gutter cleaning, debris cleanup, and gardening services like mulch and bed maintenance.

Aerate & Overseed

Aeration and overseeding service are normally performed in the months of September & October. We will aerate all turf areas & overseed with a premium grass seed to promote strong growth in the spring. Any lawn can benefit from aeration and overseeding.

Snow Removal

Snow removal can be added to any maintenance package. No calls necessary, if there's snow, we will be there. If a big storm is on the way, we'll text you and let you know that you are on our list and our workers will be there no matter what. Snow removal can be added to any maintenance package that includes a minimum of three other services.

Starting At $550/month

Maintenance contracts start as low as $550/month and include a minimum of three services like Spring Cleanups, Pruning, and Lawn Maintenance. When you make the choice to work with Nurney, you will always receive personalized attention, efficient communication, follow-through, and quality work. As we approach our 35 year anniversary here in Bucks County, we thank you for your business and support throughout the years! Here’s to 35 more.


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