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Spring Cleaning

A thorough spring cleaning readies your lawn and landscaping for the summer and can save you from headaches later in the year. Many aspects of this work may demand more time, energy, and experience than you have available. Lawns and landscaping need attention to prepare them for the growing season. Shrubs and trees need to be trimmed to help maintain a tidy appearance and help flowering shrubs bloom. The list goes on!

What Is Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning begins with the removal of leaves, weeds, twigs, and obvious debris. We will then move on to the trimming back of shrubs, branches, and perennials. We’ll then by finishing up with edging and mulching garden beds. Once your spring cleanup is complete, we can begin more involvement with landscaping projects, maintenance, and planning.

Don’t Forget The Mulch

Mulching early is one of the best things you can do for your landscape beds because it creates a protective barrier around plants and bare soil. Two to four inches of new mulch helps retain moisture and can contribute to the overall health of your soil. At Nurney Landscape & Design, we use Nutri-Peat mulch. This 100% organic mulch is a beautiful all-natural dark brown col and will feed your planting beds with all organic nutrients.

Start Today!

Getting a head start on the yard and garden in spring ensures less work over the course of the season. Done correctly, spring cleaning will prepare your property for a summer of enjoyable outdoor activities. To get started on your Spring Cleaning, contact us today!


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