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What's Included in a Fall Cleanup?

Fall Cleanup

It’s been a hot and dry summer for all of us here in Bucks County. This unseasonal weather has taken a toll on landscapes leaving many in need of a thorough Fall Cleanup. Nurney Landscape & Design Year Round Maintenance Packages to set your property up with year round service. Keep reading to learn how a Fall Cleanup will set your landscape up for a healthy hibernation and a growth filled spring. 

Removing Leaves

Fall cleanup is an important aspect of maintaining your landscape, and removing thick blankets of leaves is often the biggest task. Thick blankets of leaves left unkept will block out sunlight and weaken your turf. If left on the ground through the winter, fallen leaves can also render your lawn more susceptible to winter damage. Removing fallen leaves now will set your lawn up for a strong return in the spring.

Gardening Services

Our team of expert gardeners knows how to manage the different plants and flowers in your beds and maximize their potential. Trimming and pruning flowers at the right time means longer blooms and more enjoyment out of your garden. Fall can be a great time to add something new to your beds like hardy bulbs, asters, or coneflowers. We will weed your beds then apply a fresh layer of mulch to protect them against damage from winter snow and freezing temperatures.

Debris and Gutter Cleanup

In order to keep your lawn as aesthetically pleasing as possible, we will remove all leaves, twigs, and other debris. We’ll dig deep into your gutters to clean out leaves and other debris that accumulate throughout the year. This will ensure proper water drainage when rain and snow arrive and protect your gutters and home from unwanted damage.


Fall is a great time to take care of tree pruning. The leaves have finally dropped and the structure of the tree can be seen. This makes it easier to identify disease and see any issues with insects. Routine pruning is important for the health and structure of trees and the safety of your home and family.

Book Your Fall Cleanup

By choosing Nurney Landscape & Design, you ensure that your landscape has a strong defense against Pennsylvania’s winter and is ready to grow when spring comes! Call us today to sign up for a Year Round Maintenance Package which start as low as $550 a month and include a minimum of three services.


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