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Perennial and Butterfly Gardens

More Time at Home

The pandemic has changed the way many of us live, including working from home. As a result of this, one trend we’ve noticed is a growing interest in gardens. All of this time at home and more people are noticing ways to spruce up their home. Looking for a landscaping project to tackle this spring? Gardens, flowers, and beds are a great way to add beauty, value, and a pop of color that compliments your home. Install multiple garden beds across a big property or use container gardening for smaller homes or apartments. Nurney Landscape & Design has been servicing Bucks County for over 30 years and knows what will work in our climate.

Perennial Flower Garden

Flower gardens complement your home and create a lovely way to showcase seasonal colors and bridge the gap between the landscape and your home. They also add value and curb appeal by filling in the framework provided by trees and shrubs in your yard. According to the Home Depot, “One of the great things about perennial flowers and perennial plants is that they continue to bloom and thrive year after year. Flowering perennials will save you from having to plant new flowers each season.”

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly gardens are a great way to bring life to your garden. These gardens usually incorporate native plants and can be installed in any sunny spot around your property. Not only do butterflies add beauty but they also work alongside birds and other insects to help pollinate. There are many things to consider when planting a butterfly garden, but we have the knowledge and experience to create a thriving environment of flowers and butterflies for your property.


Nurney Landscape & Design has everything you need to create attractive flower and butterfly gardens for your home. Left untamed, however, and they can develop weeds, compacted soil, wilted plants, and sloppy edges. Not everyone has the time to keep their beds in perfect condition all year long. At Nurney Landscape & Design, we offer weed control, soil cultivation, edge definition, raking, and flower care to target common problems with flower gardens. Pairing these services with mulching is common practice with most of our customers.

Get Started

Whether you’re interested in perennial flowers or butterfly gardens we want to get your property taken care of. Right now we are booking for spring installations but can begin planning now and then planting in March or April. Gardening services are included in our year-round maintenance package. To learn more about our packages click here! If you’re interested in getting a quote for a Perennial or butterfly garden click here!


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