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Late Summer Lawn and Flower Beds

Lawn and Flower Beds

Getting started on lawn and flower beds in September is a great way to set yourself up for success. Not only is it beneficial to be working on your landscape while it’s fresh on your mind, horticulturally it's easier on the plants too. The lower temperatures are less stressful on plants, require less watering, and will establish much easier! September is not too late to plant. We still have 4 months that are suitable for landscaping before winter finally sets in.

Benefits of Beds

Flower and lawn beds complement your home and create a lovely way to showcase seasonal colors and bridge the gap between the landscape and your home. They also add value and curb appeal by filling in the framework provided by trees and shrubs in your yard. Nurney Landscape & Design has everything you need to create attractive and colorful flower beds for your home. Contact us to discuss the possibilities of implementing them into your landscape design.

Maintaining Your Beds

Flower beds keep your property looking beautiful and bright when cared for properly. Left untamed, however, and they can develop weeds, compacted soil, wilted plants, and sloppy edges. Not everyone has the time to keep their beds in perfect condition all year long. At Nurney Landscape & Design, we offer weed control, soil cultivation, edge definition, raking, and flower care to target common problems with lawn and flower beds. Pairing these services with mulching is common practice with most of our customers.

Start Designing Now

To get started on your lawn and flower bed project, contact Nurney Landscape & Design at (215) 794-8599 or


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