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Front Yard Landscape Design Projects

Designing the front yard of a property is a fantastic way to add curb appeal and real value to your home. A well-designed front yard can turn an ordinary home into something beautiful while adding additional functionality too. Depending on the property, front yard landscape designs can incorporate a variety of elements including hardscapes, garden beds, containers, lighting, irrigation systems, and tree plantings. Knowing where to start can be challenging, which is why we keep things as simple as possible. There will be three design meetings to iron out all of the details of your project.

Knowing Your Budget

Knowing your budget is essential for creating a design. Having a number in mind will help create a picture of what is possible. We require a design fee of $500 which includes creating a physical design for an accurate proposal.

First Design Meeting

During the first design meeting, we will discuss the vision for your property and front yard specifically. Describe any details you definitely want in the final product as well as anything you dislike or don’t want to see. This includes colors, specific plants, materials such as stone and pavers, etc. Not sure what you are looking for exactly? That is fine too. We have over 35 years of experience in Bucks County and are happy to help guide you through the process with design concepts that have lasted the test of time. Additionally, it will be important for us to know if your property is heavily populated with deer, there is standing water, or your basement floods when it rains. From there we will have enough information to start with your design.

Second Design Meeting

During the second design meeting, you will get to see your design for the first time. We will present you with the preliminary drawing for review and changes. This is your chance to add or remove aspects of the design, provide feedback, or ask additional questions. Once we wrap this meeting, we will implement any of the changes requested into the design.

Third Design Meeting

In our final design meeting, we will present the revised drawing and proposal for the installation of your project. You will see all of the changes to your design that were discussed in the previous meeting. If there are any changes during this meeting, there will be an additional $75 fee for each design session added. If you give us the green light on the design, we will coordinate a date to begin the work.

Get Started

With over 35 years in Bucks County, we are happy to share our knowledge and experience, delivering to you the landscape of your dreams. We take pride in the design and installation of your landscape and we want it to last a lifetime.


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