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Benefits Of Fall Cleanup

Fall is a fantastic time to spend outdoors in the backyard. The weather is mild, bugs are more tolerable, and the leaves begin to put on a show. Scheduling a fall cleanup means your property will look fresh for one final BBQ or get-together. Our crews will clean out your gutters, give your garden beds a final mulch, pull any weeds, and leave your property looking sharp. Fall is notoriously a prime time to prep your landscape for the next growing season. This is true for maintenance and design projects. Planting shrubs in early fall gives the plants a head start at establishing roots in the season's cool, moist soil. It’s also a great time for our crews to get inspecting for damage and address any major issues before winter settles in.

Typical Fall Cleanup Services

Removing fallen leaves now will set your lawn up for a strong return in the spring. Fallen leaves and weeds are the perfect places for pests to settle in for the winter. Not all fall cleanup is in the yard though. We will go to great heights to clear leaves and other debris from your gutters. Fall is a great time to take care of tree pruning. The leaves have finally dropped and the tree's structure can be seen. This makes it easier to identify diseases and see any issues with insects. Routine pruning is important for the health and structure of trees and the safety of your home and family.

Full-Service Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining a home, using multiple contractors to solve and take care of different issues is common practice. At Nurney Landscape & Design, we offer a single point of contact to handle and maintain your property. From the dead of winter to the heat of summer, we have the tools and team that can take care of your property.

Book Your Fall Cleanup

By choosing Nurney Landscape & Design, you ensure that your landscape has a strong defense against Pennsylvania’s winter and is ready to grow when spring comes! Fill out a form to get started with a Full-Service Maintenance Package that starts at $550 a month and includes a minimum of three services.


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