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Types of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a great way to add beauty, safety, and added value to your property. Outdoor spaces can be transformed with landscape lighting by accenting plants, hardscapes, and the architecture of your home. In addition, adding lights along pathways, staircases, and driveways will make it safer to navigate during the night. Landscape lighting will add value to your home and improve your overall home experience, especially when it comes to entertaining! Here are the most common types of landscape lighting we do at Nurney Landscape.

Downlighting and Uplighting

Downlighting and Uplighting provide creative and practical ways to light up your property. We commonly install downlighting to accent landscaping features, hardscapes, and other ground-level features. One addition to downlighting very popular with many homeowners is an effect called moonlighting. This places lights in trees or other high points to shine down on patios, pools, or other areas for entertaining. On the other hand, certain areas are perfect for the effects of uplighting. This includes trees, architectural features like columns, and other unique aspects of your landscape. It automatically adds drama to your garden and helps blend in the downlighting.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting can help create a sophisticated and modern environment in your backyard. These decorative lighting fixtures have become popular among homeowners because they are great for adding a touch of personal style. While they may not always emit the most functional light, they certainly make up for it by adding interest and an atmosphere of magic. You might be wondering about the difference between a pendant and a chandelier, and the answer is simple. A pendant has one light bulb while a chandelier has multiple!

Architectural Accents

Landscape lighting does not need to be limited to a focus on the outdoors, it can also be used to capture the architectural features of your home. From a design perspective, lighting your home helps frame and accent your home within the landscape. The use of landscape lights on your home is a great addition to your project.

Pergola or Structural Lighting

Adding landscape lighting to your pergola will help you enjoy your outdoor living space well into the evening. There are several ways to incorporate lighting into your pergola like recessing them into the beams overhead. This provides functional lighting at night that doesn’t distract during the day. String lights can be added to create a festive atmosphere for entertaining. In addition, a dimmer switch could be added for further control over the mood.

Hardscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a great addition when integrated into your hardscape. Think patios, sitting walls, stairs, pools, and more. We can add lighting to existing hardscapes or incorporate them into hardscapes projects. This type of lighting helps with safety by illuminating walks ways, paths, and driveways.

Outdoor lighting is a powerful way to unlock the hidden beauty of your landscape, hardscape, and home. Whether it’s uplighting and downlighting, pendant, architectural, pergola or structural, or hardscape lighting, Nurney Landscape and Design is here to guide you through the process of your landscape lighting project.


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