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The Nurney Design Process

Designing a landscape is a complicated endeavor. When you work with a company like Nurney Landscape & Design, you get over 30 years of experience to bring peace of mind to an otherwise overwhelming process. We will listen to your vision and then bring it to life with our expertise and award-winning design capabilities. Achieving the landscape of your dreams starts with a good design. But just simply having a good landscape design isn’t enough to actually bring it to fruition. Having an understanding of the installation process is key and knowing what is possible avoids costly pitfalls.

Our Lead Designer

Jay Nurney is the lead designer and owner of Nurney Landscape & Design. Jay has the ability to look at a landscape and visualize the options with the elements you have in mind. Many landscape companies are recognizable with a specific look/feel; by working with Nurney Landscape & Design, we can ensure that you will have a fully customized and unique aesthetic for your outdoor space!

Know Your Budget

Knowing your budget is crucial for creating a landscape design. When starting the design process, we require a design fee of $500. This includes the creation of a physical design which is essential for an accurate proposal.

Three Design Meetings

  • During the first meeting, we will discuss your vision. You will have the opportunity to describe any details you want in the final design as well as anything you dislike. This includes colors, specific plants, materials, and anything else that comes to mind. Let us know if your property is heavily populated with deer, has standing water, or has any issues with basement flooding.

  • During the second meeting, we will present you with a preliminary design for review and changes. In this meeting, you will want to make any and all changes that you want to see in the final design.

  • In our third and final meeting, we will bring the final design and proposal for your review. If there are any changes to the final design at this time, there will be an additional $75 fee for each design session added.

Get Started This Fall

While there is no right or wrong time to start your landscape design we are especially fond of Fall. All of those great ideas, like installing a new patio or garden beds, are still fresh on your mind. Getting a jump start on your design during Fall also means you will be ready to enjoy that backyard BBQ, summer pool party, or family reunion. Another reason to start is the ongoing material constraints from COVID-19. Supply chain issues have caused significant delays in landscaping materials. Giving plenty of buffer time before next summer is a good idea for minimizing unwanted waits.


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