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The Nurney Design Process

Your dream landscape starts with Nurney's Design team. Why? We listen to your vision for your home's landscape and bring it to life with our expertise and award-winning design capabilities. Not to mention we have over 30 years of experience here in Bucks County!

Budget and Design Fee

Knowing your budget will be crucial to guiding you through the design process and allow us to tell you if your vision is realistic. If it’s not, we will give you an option that fits your budget. When starting the design process, we require a design fee of $500. This includes the creation of a physical design which is essential for an accurate proposal.

The Design Process Involves 3 Meetings

During the first meeting we will discuss your vision. You will want to describe any details you definitely want in the final product as well as anything you dislike and do not want to see. This includes colors, specific plants, materials such as stone and pavers, and anything else that comes to mind. It will be important for us to know if your property is heavily populated with deer, has standing water, or any issues with basement flooding.

During the second meeting we will present you with the preliminary physical design for review and changes. In this meeting you will want to make any and all changes that you want to see in the final product.

In our third and final meeting we will bring the final design and proposal for your review. If there are any changes to the final design at this time, there will be an additional $75 fee for each design session added.

Get Started

We understand what works and what is possible because we’ve been working in Bucks County for over 30 years. We install and maintain our landscapes and want your design to last a lifetime. Our highly skilled installation crews participate in continuing education, are licensed and insured, and are ready to bring your vision to life. To get started, contact us at (215) 794-8599 or head over here.


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