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Spring Cleanups: Preparing Your Property for the Growing Season

As the weather starts to warm up and the snow melts away, it’s time to start thinking about getting your property ready for the growing season. While a Spring Cleanup may seem like a simple task to tackle on your own, there are many aspects of this work that demand time, energy, and experience. This is where our Spring Cleanup service comes in!

One Of Our Most Popular Offerings

At Nurney, our Spring Cleanup service is one of the most popular offerings within our Maintenance Packages. Our team of experts will help prepare your lawn, garden beds, shrubs, and trees for the upcoming growing season, so you can sit back and enjoy your property’s true value this springtime.

What’s Included in a Spring Cleanup?

Our Spring Cleanup service always starts with the removal of leaves, weeds, twigs, and other debris that have accumulated over the winter. This gives us an opportunity to inspect the condition of your lawn, garden and flower beds, hardscapes, etc., and address any issues with you. We will make sure your property is set up for a strong growing season.

100% Organic Mulch

In addition to cleaning up your property, we will also apply a layer of Nutri-Peat Mulch to your plant beds. This helps improve both the appearance of your plant beds and the health of your plants. Mulch adds organic material to the soil and helps retain moisture for the plants. When mulching around trees, we may need to remove accumulated layers of older mulch, as too much excess around and touching the base of trees can be damaging.

Increase Property Values

Another service included in our Spring Cleanup is the edging of planting beds. We create a deep edge around beds and trees, which helps define the beds from the turf areas. This makes all the difference in curb appeal, as both the turf and the beds will look better, and maintenance will be easier throughout the season. Services that add curb appeal to your home or property have been shown to increase the value by up to 10%.

Starting At $550/month

Starting at $550/month, our Maintenance Packages include a minimum of three services, such as Spring Cleanups, Pruning, and Lawn Maintenance. By getting a head start on your yard and garden in spring, you can ensure less work over the course of the season. Done correctly, a spring cleanup will prepare your property for a summer of enjoyable outdoor activities.

Whether you’re an existing client looking to schedule or add on a Spring Cleanup, or a new client looking for professional maintenance services, contact us here at Nurney. Let us help you prepare your property for a successful growing season! Contact us today.


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