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Spring Cleanup

Spring Cleanup

Winter is almost over… finally!

When the snow melts, it can be a daunting task for property owners to take on the last few months of damages. Whether it’s removing branches, clearing leaves, or hauling off debris left over from winter storms, we are ready to tidy up your property and have it looking fresh for spring!

When most people think of spring cleaning, they tend to think about washing down walls, shampooing carpets or washing windows. However, spring cleaning should not be limited to just the indoor spaces of your property, as your outdoor spaces need a spruce up too!

It can be virtually impossible to keep up with all of your spring tasks, but with a little help from our professionals, you can start off the growing season in good shape. Generally a spring clean-up will consist of 4 key services:

1. Removal of Leaves, Weeds, Twigs and Obvious Debris

Not only does this improve the appearance of the yard, but there are also horticultural benefits. While some thatched leaves are good for the turf, too much may prevent sunlight from reaching the turf causing it to die out. Composted leaves in the beds are beneficial, but excess leaves may harbor fungal diseases.

2. Trimming of Shrubs and Branches and Pruning Back Perennials

Trimming back shrubs helps maintain a tidy appearance throughout the season and often helps flowering shrubs bloom more profusely. During the winter, wind and ice may damage tree branches. Careful pruning can remove dangerous limbs and even help improve tree health. Perennials are amazing because they come back every year, but they do need to be trimmed back before new growth can begin.

3. Edging of Planting Beds

At Nurney, we create a deep edge around beds and trees. This is often the difference between an average looking landscape and a professionally maintained property. A deep edge helps define the beds from the turf areas. This makes all the difference in curb appeal. The turf and the beds both look better and maintenance is easier throughout the season.

4. Mulching Beds

Applying a layer of Nutra Peat Mulch not only helps the beds look better but it improves the health of the plants. Mulch adds additional organic material to the beds and helps retain moisture for the plants. When mulching, around trees especially, you may need to remove accumulated layers of mulch. Excess mulch around and touching the base of the tree can also be damaging.

A seasonal clean-up is a great start for your landscape, allowing you to enjoy your property’s true value this springtime!


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