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Plants That Thrive In The Winter

What's missing from your winter landscape? There are a number of plants we recommend that provide beauty through the winter months. By incorporating any of these plants into your landscape, you will enjoy seasonal colors all year long.


According to this article at Love To Know, there are many types of hollies, ranging from short groundcovers to 50-foot trees. The most common hollies used in landscaping are evergreen shrubs with prickly leaves and winter-time fruit. Besides brightening the garden in December and January, berries are an important source of sustenance for wildlife at this time of year. However, berries should not be consumed by humans. We recommend:

  • English Holly

  • Winterberry Holly

  • American Holly

Shrubs states that shrubs are an essential element in any landscape design. These woody plants can be large or small, deciduous or evergreen, and often show noteworthy flowers and leaves. Along with coming in a diverse array of attractive options, shrubs also play a vital role in giving shape to garden spaces. We recommend:

  • Blackhaw

  • Purple Beautyberry

  • Black Chokeberry

  • Cranberry Viburnum

  • Serviceberry

  • Red or Yellow Twig Dogwood

  • Witch Hazel


As this article from The Spruce says, ornamental grasses accent a garden any time of year, but they might just be at their most imposing in the depths of winter. When there is little on view but the skeletons of your garden, ornamental grasses provide structure, texture, and drama to the gardenscape. Many even do double duty by attracting birds to your winter garden by providing shelter and food. We recommend:

  • Feather Reed Grass

  • Blue Lily Turf

  • Switchgrass

  • Moor Grass

  • Prairie Dropseed

  • Tufted Hair Grass

  • Yellow Foxtail Grass

  • Big Bluestem

  • Indiangrass


This article from Houzz notes that winter is often thought of as the time of year to escape the harsh elements and head indoors to get cozy. Most plants are dormant, and the garden is a much more subdued place than in the spring and summer when there's all that vibrant and budding color. But don't dismiss your garden in the off-season. It is within this sedate atmosphere that tree form and structure take center stage, and a whole new level of interest can be gained. Evergreen trees are the obvious stars of the winter landscape because they provide structure year-round, but many deciduous options have interesting bark and a beautiful branch form. We recommend:

  • River Birch

  • Paperbark Maple

  • Winter King Hawthorn

Get Started On Your Landscape

Ready to put some life into your landscape this Winter? The experts at Nurney Landscape & Design can help create your dream landscape. One contact, no juggling multiple contractors or equipment, and a beautiful, well-managed landscape. That's the Nurney promise. Contact us to get started!


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