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Hardscape Maintenance

Maintaining Your Hardscape

Hardscapes like patios are a timeless part of any outdoor landscape. While maintenance on hardscapes is very low, damage can happen if left neglected for too long. Most damage to tile and stone comes from two things: ice and weeds. Luckily, putting a stop to issues that may be happening is easy.

Weed and Ice Damage

Nurney will clean the whole surface with a pressure washer annually, or as needed. We will then apply a sealant to your hardscape will help prevent freeze-thaw damage and keep your stone easy to clean. When your surface is clean and dry, and the weather will be mild without rain for the coming day, we'll apply a sealant to protect your stones for the next year.

Upgrade Your Hardscape

Is your patio or hardscape past the point of repair? Many of the properties in Bucks County have patios that date back to the ’70s. If this sounds like you, we recommend a total overhaul. We are well versed in the design and installation of pavers, flagstone, bluestone, masonry walks, and patios. When it comes to stonework here in Bucks County, there are several considerations when choosing the right materials. Our weather has created the demand for durable, long-lasting hardscape materials. Investing in quality materials that can handle our big temperature swings will secure the investment in your outdoor living space.

Bucks County Landscaper

Nurney Landscape and Design has over 30 years of experience installing and maintaining hardscapes for our clients in Bucks County. Please contact us with any questions you might have or head over to the contact page and fill out an onboarding form!


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