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Grading For Drainage Issues

Grading Is The Way To Solve Drainage Problems

Improper grading on your property can lead to poor drainage causing a variety of issues. Here in Bucks County, this is the time of year we see these types of issues popping up. Poor drainage causes dead patches to form in the grass, around trees, and other shrubs and creates unusable space that rarely dries on properties. Many landscaping companies will push people toward installing pipes. This is not the solution! Grading your landscape to move water off of your property is key to handling drainage issues, especially for flooded basements and pooling water.

Landscapes Don’t Fix Themselves

These issues worsen as they creep closer to the foundation of the home. When a landscape holds water near the foundation, it often leads to larger problems like flooded basements and the slow deterioration of structure foundation and hardscapes like walkways, steps, and retaining walls. We’ve seen homeowners suffer from tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to their property.

Protect Your Home

Trying to solve drainage issues through DIY methods is a daunting task that involves heavy equipment. Flooding basements and water near the foundation of your home is not something to ignore - leave it to the professionals. Nurney Landscape and Design Inc. is an expert in solving drainage issues. With over 30 years of experience in Bucks County, we know how to provide you with long-term solutions to protect your property. Contact us to discuss solutions for your drainage needs.


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