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Flower Beds, Maintenance, and Mulching!

Flower Beds

Create a beautiful landscape design with flower beds that compliment your home. Flower beds are a lovely way to showcase seasonal colors and bridge the gap between the landscape and your home. Plus they add interest, value, and curb appeal by filling in the framework provided by trees and shrubs in your yard. Nurney Landscape & Design has everything you need to create attractive and colorful flower beds for your home. Contact us to discuss the possibilities of implementing them into your landscape design.

Bed Maintenance

Flower beds keep your property looking beautiful and bright when cared for properly. Left untamed, however, and they can develop weeds, compacted soil, wilted plants, and sloppy edges. Not everyone has the time to keep their beds in perfect condition all year long. At Nurney Landscape & Design, we offer weed control, soil cultivation, edge definition, raking, and flower care to target common problems such as those listed above. Pairing these services with mulching is common practice with most of our customers.

Mulching Is Essential

Mulching is an important step towards keeping your garden and flower beds looking beautiful. But mulching is about much more than appearance. It keeps soil and roots a consistent temperature, especially important for protecting plants from early warm-ups in the spring. This protective barrier also helps lock in moisture and suppress weeds. It does this both by blocking out sunlight that triggers the germination of seeds and by acting as a physical barrier between seeds and soil.

Bundle and Save

One contact, no juggling multiple contractors and equipment, and a beautiful, well-managed landscape, that's the Nurney promise. To get started on your landscape and design project or to work with Nurney Landscape & Design year-round, contact us at (215) 794-8599.


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