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Fall Cleanup

Fall lawn cleanup can be an undesirable task. This is especially the case during those cold gray afternoons when the lure of cozying up inside tends to be particularly strong. What may be a consolation is to think of fall cleanup as more of a preparation for the following spring than the culmination of the current year's activity. Your favorite Bucks County landscapers are eager to get your lawns clear of leaves and more as we head into fall and winter. Nurney Landscape & Design offers excellent fall cleanup and maintenance packages to set your property up for a healthy fall and winter before some great growth next spring.

Debris & Leaves

Cleaning up leaves and debris from your property is an essential part of fall cleanup. Leaves and debris left out all winter will mat down the grass and prevent the growth of plants and flowers in the spring. Scotts recommends: “don't let tree leaves smother your grass. Contrary to popular belief, fallen tree leaves will not insulate your lawn during winter. In fact, they can be a total buzzkill by blocking vital sunlight and thinning your grass.” We have special equipment and machinery for removing leaves and debris, fast.

Removing Dead Plants, Shrubs, and Trees

​​Here in Bucks County, we’ve seen thousands of ash trees taken out by the emerald ash borer. According to an article from the Arbor Day Foundation, this tiny pest was first discovered in the Detroit area in 2002. The bright metallic-green beetle may be smaller than a dime, but it is capable of taking down ash trees thousands of times its size. If you have any dead plants, shrubs, and trees in your yard, fall cleanup is the perfect time to remove them.

Debris and Gutter Cleanup

In order to keep your lawn as aesthetically pleasing as possible, we will remove all of the twigs, branches, and other debris that have accumulated over the summer and fall. We’ll also dig deep into your gutters to clean out leaves and other debris that accumulate throughout the year. This will ensure proper water drainage when rain and snow arrive and protect your gutters and home from unwanted damage.

Mulch and Gardening Services

Our team of expert gardeners knows how to manage the different plants and flowers in your beds and maximize their potential. Trimming and pruning flowers at the right time means longer blooms and more enjoyment out of your garden. Fall can be a great time to add something new to your beds like hardy bulbs, asters, or coneflowers. We will weed your beds and then apply a fresh layer of mulch to protect them against damage from winter snow and freezing temperatures.

Book Your Fall Cleanup

By choosing Nurney Landscape & Design, you ensure that your landscape has a strong defense against Pennsylvania’s winter and is ready to grow when spring comes! Call us today to sign up for a maintenance package, starting as low as $550 a month with a minimum of three services.


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