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Eco-Friendly Mulch

We love Buck's County, and we want to do everything possible to protect our environment, which is why we choose to use eco-friendly mulch during our spring cleanups. Mulch serves many purposes, including:

  • Retaining Soil Moisture

  • Keeping Soil Cool

  • Reducing Weed Growth

  • Increasing Aesthetic Appeal

The act of using mulch is important, however we also believe that using the best possible mulch is equally important, which is why we use Nutri-Peat. Nutri-Peat is an organic and eco-friendly mulch, which is great for your home, our county, and our environment as a whole. Unlike many other mulches that are hardwood based and end up hardening into a layer and robbing nutrients from the soil, our eco-friendly mulch does just the opposite. Nutri-Peat composts and promotes healthy soil activity while also adding nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to your soil.

On a aesthetic level, Nutri-Peat also enhances the look of your home, by maintaining a rich dark brown color that resists fading. In addition to it's uses with trees and shrubs, this eco-friendly mulch also does well with both annual and perennial flowers, garden vegetables, and vines, so your options are endless!

We are proud to use Nutri-Peat, an eco-friendly mulch, for all homes and properties during spring cleanups. Give us a call at (215)794-8599 to learn more about our spring cleanups, mulching, and our dedication to eco-friendly landscaping practices.


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