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Design In The Fall For A Vibrant Spring

With the scorching sun and constant downpours, summer can be a difficult season for landscape work. It can be especially hard on your plants, which can be shocked by the unpredictably changing environments. This is why fall can be a great time to start your landscaping project. Your plants will have the best chance of adapting to the landscape because the weather is milder and the growing season is done. When winter settles in, plants complete their growth cycle and prepare to hibernate as the temperature begins to drop. Once spring arrives, they will be well-equipped to thrive.

Growth Beneath The Surface

On the surface, plants don't grow as much in the fall and don't go into hibernation until winter. Even though there might not be much flowering in the fall, a lot of positive things are happening beneath the surface. A plant's root system gets stronger as its network widens. Plants with a large root system can absorb more nutrients and withstand extreme weather.

Why We Love Fall

While there is no right or wrong time to begin your landscape design, fall is a season we really reccomend. Your imagination is still filled with wonderful ideas, like building a new patio or installing flower beds. Getting a head start on your design this fall means you'll be prepared to take part in that backyard barbecue, summer pool party, or family reunion. To reduce unneeded waiting and give your plants the best chance of survival, fall is a great time to get started.

Work With Us

Nurney Landscape & Design has over 35 years of landscape design experience in Bucks County. Jay Nurney is the lead designer and owner of Nurney Landscape & Design. Jay has the ability to look at a landscape and visualize the options with the elements you have in mind. Many landscape companies are recognizable with a specific look/feel; by working with Nurney Landscape & Design, we can ensure that you will have a fully customized and unique aesthetic for your outdoor space!


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