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Hot Trends In Outdoor Living Spaces

Creating a relaxing, stylish, outdoor living space increases the appeal and value of your home. Outdoor living spaces also provide an oasis for you and your family to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort. As a full-service installation provider, we continuously watch the latest trends.

Stonework Options

Flooring matters, our team is well versed in designing and installing pavers, flagstone, bluestone, masonry walks, and patios. When it comes to stonework, there are many options to choose from. From the DIY Network, “Fickle weather has also increased the demand for durable, long-lasting hardscape materials, particularly in northern climates. . .[C]oncrete, granite and flagstone pavers are good choices. Investing in quality materials that can handle big temperature swings lets you enjoy your outdoor space for a longer period of time.”

Roof Versus Pergola

One of the most popular and obvious outdoor room touches you can utilize is a roof or pergola. This structure affects the framing of the outdoor space and creates a gentle perimeter, that can also offer shade for those sunny Pennsylvania days. When deciding between a pergola or roof, think in terms of function.

Certain types of pergolas may provide a growing space for greenery (similar to trellises and arbors) while on the other hand, a patio covers sufficient structural integrity for any outdoor entertainment systems or fans. Similarly, while a pergola provides a pleasant accent and functionality beyond shade, the patio roof becomes and extension of your home, turning the patio into a true outdoor living room.

Built-In Features Versus Furnishings

Another important area to consider for your outdoor living space is furniture versus built-ins. While purchasing furniture can be inexpensive to start, you may have to replace the sets and cushions often. If long-term investment is important to you, consider built-in outdoor seating with Nurney. These creative benches and nooks help to define the border of outdoor rooms and create comfortable seating that stand the test of time.

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