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Winter Tree And Shrub Pruning

Shrub and Tree Pruning services are dependent upon seasonal influences but usually take place during the months of June & July. However, winter is a great time for this task too! We will hand prune or shear to maintain shape and remove dead, diseased, broken, or overgrown branches. Since the leaves have dropped, it is easier to see the trunk and branches. This includes all groundcovers, evergreens, deciduous shrubs, ornamentals, and trees up to 10’ in height.

Why Prune In The Winter?

This article from explains why winter is a great time to handle pruning. Most plants go dormant during the winter. This is the time of year when they’ve halted active growth and have hunkered down for the cold weather. Because of this dormancy, late winter and early spring are typically the best times to make any adjustments to the shapes of many trees and shrubs.

  • Pruning while a plant is dormant makes it easier for the plant to recover, which is important for next year’s flowers.

  • By pruning BEFORE any new growth starts, the plant can put energy towards producing new, healthy growth when the warmer temperatures of spring roll around.

  • Practically speaking, it’s also a lot easier to see the true shape of deciduous plants in the winter, since their foliage is gone.

Other Considerations

Pruning in the winter also prevents small problems from becoming large ones. The condition of damaged or diseased limbs can worsen over the winter, or they can fall victim to storm damage. Inspecting during the dormant season (and pruning as needed) can be the stitch in time that saves nine.

Protect Your Investment

Your trees and shrubs are some of your yard’s biggest investments. Detailed, professional pruning in the dormant months goes a long way toward ensuring their long-term health! If you are not sure about pruning or have trees on your property bigger than you can handle, call in the experts at Nurney Landscape & Design, at 215-794-8599. Our Year Round Maintenance packages start at $550 a month. You can get started by filling out a form here!


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