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The Nurney Whole Maintenance Difference

When it comes to maintaining a home, using multiple contractors to solve and take care of different issues is common practice. At Nurney Landscape & Design, we offer a single point of contact to handle and maintain your property. From the dead of winter to the heat of summer we have the tools and team that can take care of your property, year-round. Here is an example of our Nurney Whole Maintenance package throughout the seasons.


It wouldn't be spring without a proper spring cleanup. At Nurney we will ensure that your lawn is restored to a beautiful condition each spring. Not only does this get your lawn manicured and looking beautiful, but it also prepares the landscape for the custom design of your choosing. Common spring cleanup duties include yard clean up, raking, pruning, soil, edging and soil testing and fertilizing. We have over 30 years of experience doing this right here in Bucks County.


Summertime is full of landscape and design chores. With everything from lawn and garden bed maintenance to hardscapes and patio design. Nurney landscaping design can take your outdoor space and create the custom design you've always been dreaming of. Aside from maintaining and designing your landscape, we also strive to reduce your costs where we can. Our irrigation specialists know when to water, and how to manage the lawn, the beds, and your trees and shrubs. Our team helps you save time, avoid paying for unnecessary mowing equipment, fertilizers, and tools. That’s one of the many benefits of using a single point of contact to maintain your entire property.


When fall rolls around we handle leaf removal and cleanup, irrigation maintenance, outdoor lighting maintenance, and ensure that everything is in working order after a long and enjoyable summer. Then we'll make sure that everything is buckled down and ready for winter. Because our team will be working at your property year-round, we will be keen on any issues that may be on the horizon and take care of them before they pop up. Each of our clients has a dedicated account manager who monitors your property, coordinates your landscape crews and communicates with you regularly to ensure your expectations are met.


As a quality landscape maintenance provider, we understand the importance of protecting your investment and your home's value. Our team manages the snow plowing in the winter so your lawn is protected and ready when spring arrives. You can rest assured that the team handling your snow removal, has the best interest in your landscape come spring. We will work hard to ensure your pathways and driveways are clear of snow all winter long.

Lets Work Together

One contact, no juggling multiple contractors and equipment, and a beautiful, well-managed landscape, that's the Nurney promise. To get started on your landscape and design project or to work with Nurney year-round, contact us at (267)897-6079.


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