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The Nurney Project Process

The Nurney Project Process

Many homeowners have been taught that when working with contractors, you get at least three bids, throw out the lowest and the highest and move on.

If you were dealing with your average contractors that might make be the case. However, when working with Nurney Landscape & Design, the process is different. You may be skeptical, but we are not your average landscape contractor. We believe every project is as unique as the homeowner. It is not just a designed tree island, or colorful patio beds. These are your tree islands, your patio beds on your patio where you will make memories this summer with family and friends.

Our design and installation process starts with your goals for your project. Are you trying to improve your property’s value for an upcoming listing? Are you looking to make a vacation getaway right in your own backyard? Are you looking to recreate the British garden you toured on your last trip? These questions matter because they affect the inputs, the shape and scope of the design, the choice and location of your plant material.

We are different because you are unique and your landscape project is unique to you. We are more than a number because your project is more than a number.

Contact us today to learn more about our process, and learn more about what Nurney can do to make your dream Bucks County landscape a reality!


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