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Spring Cleaning Begins Now...

The days are getting longer and the temperatures are starting to warm up. It’s springtime in Pennsylvania, which means your yard is ready for some spring clean up. Here at Nurney Landscape & Design, we have years of experience helping people in Bucks County maintain their properties. We'd like to share some of the knowledge we've gained over the many years of service. Follow these tips for helping maintain and clean up your yard this spring.

Yard Clean Up

The first thing you want to do when beginning your spring cleaning is removing any debris from your yard that has accumulated over the winter. Use gardening gloves to protect your hands as you pick up sticks and other sharp yard waste across the property. Getting a nice clean yard is an essential first step in beginning your spring cleaning maintenance project.

Grab The Rake

After you picked up all of the debris from your yard go ahead and grab that rake. Take care and raking up any leaves from your yard, garden beds, or underneath bushes and trees. While dead leaves can actually act as an organic and biodegradable fertilizer for your yard, if they haven't decomposed by Spring, removing them will give your yard a fresh look.


Pruning branches from trees and bushes is the next step you want to take in your spring cleanup. Removing dead limbs from trees will actually boost the overall health of the tree and protect you from any accidental hazards (ie falling branches) later down the line. The same goes for bushes!


Edging your lawn will help create a nice clean line between the grass and your Landscaping. Spring is the perfect time to do this before the grass starts to grow into cracks and or garden beds.


This is also a great time to renew your mulch. Mulch acts as a great weed barrier and moisture control for your plants. When refreshing your mulch, it's best to remove the old stuff before adding on top of it. This will keep your landscape looking clean and manicured and also expose any weeds that may be lurking beneath.


The last step to your spring cleanup is fertilizing your lawn, plants, garden beds, and trees. Be sure to use the right fertilizer for your soil. The best way to use a soil test kit and see what nutrients you’re lawn is lacking.

We Can Help

Even simple jobs like spring cleanup can be a daunting task. If that sounds like you, leave it to the professionals at Nurney Landscape and Design to take your landscape and restore it to pristine condition. With over 30 years of experience in Bucks County, we know the environment, soil, and landscape intimately. To book your spring cleanup call us at (215) 794-8599.


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