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Snow Removal

Let It Snow

There are plenty of things that can go wrong when doing snow and ice removal. Not only can you injure yourself, but also the landscape you’re working with. You've heard all the tips before. Make sure you don't try to shovel too much at once, maintain good posture, and be careful not to slip. Be careful of using plow blades on patios and hardscapes. The list goes on and on.

Snow Removal Services

Nurney Landscape & Design is pleased to offer snow plowing, shoveling, and salting services once again this winter. Let us take your winter worries away. As a client of Nurney, we will manage snow removal so you don't have to! No calls necessary, if there's snow, we will be there. If a big storm is on the way, we'll text you and let you know that you are on our list and our workers will be there no matter what.

Keeping Your Landscape Protected

We make sure to use best practices to keep your driveway and walkways free of snow and ice, while also making sure your lawn will look as good as ever once spring arrives. We will be sure not to use too much salt so it does not melt into your plants and flower beds. We will mark your driveway and walkways so if a big storm does come through, you won't have to worry about driving or walking over delicate plants. Your favorite Buck's County landscaper will always provide you with thorough, reliable, and timely service.

Reserve Your Spot

By choosing Nurney, you ensure that your property has a strong defense against the worst of Pennsylvania’s winter and your landscape will be ready to grow when spring comes! Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss snow removal or any of our other services.

Call us today to schedule your snow removal for the season! (215) 794-8599


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