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Holiday Lighting

The holidays will be here before you know it--do you need help with your holiday lighting? Nurney Landscape & Design is an excellent resource to have your house looking the best on your whole block. We’ll be your Elf! Let us do the heavy lifting and transform your home into a holiday masterpiece!

White lights, colored lights, Christmas trees, wreaths, windows, framing, props you name it! We will work with you to design whatever you like it, and save you the hassle of putting it up. Spend more time with your family around the holidays instead of dealing with the lighting and decorations!

Nurney is here to have your home among Buck’s County’s finest--everybody loves a winter drive to admire the lights! And whenever you’re done singing “Jingle Bells” and are ready to move on, we’ll come and take it all down in a jiffy!

Now is the time to schedule a consultation--we often run out of time as the holidays approach and everyone gets busy. The more time we leave in advance, the more intricate and beautiful design options you have.


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