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Hardscape Sale!

While we’ve already gotten some snow in Buck’s County, our winters are often unpredictable. Snow can be everywhere one day, and gone the next. Because of this, winter is actually a great time to get started on a hardscape project. We won’t be disturbing any blooming flowers, and we’ll be finished in time for warmer weather! Additionally, we’re running a great promo--if you book a hardscape project before 1/31/19, we’ll give you 10% off the whole scope of the project!

So, now is a great time to consider how your property performed during the year, and what you might like it to look like if you’re ready for a change. These are the sorts of questions we’d like to ask you in a winter brainstorming session:

How did your landscape do this summer? Was your lawn healthy; were your plants in bloom? Did you get to enjoy your yard like you wanted to? Anything you could change or improve? Anything on your wishlist?

Did you have enough shade? A nice sitting area? Different plants blooming at different points of the year? Did pets wreak havoc on your grass? Was your lawn illuminated in the right spots for nighttime?

By meeting with our designers at Nurney, we can together chart a course for your lawn, and have some new improvements before you know it! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice fire pit to huddle around on cool nights? Would you like a new tree or two or three? Depending on the species and location, we can plant in winter or spring.

No matter what the project is, the earlier we can start planning, the better. Buck’s County winters can be cold and dark--it might be nice to spend some time dreaming of your yard next summer.


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