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Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space Year Round

Whether you already have an outdoor living space or are considering adding one, we want to help you enjoy it year-round. You can set up an outdoor living space to feel warm in those cold fall and winter months by incorporating heating elements, comfortable seating, and lighting. Outdoor living spaces have become hugely popular in the past few years. One reason for this: more people are working from home or retiring. They are looking for ways to create new spaces and enjoy their homes. So why only enjoy these spaces for the spring and summer? Fall and winter are fantastic times to spend outdoors. The weather is milder, the bugs are gone, and the scenery is always changing.

Turn Up The Heat

The first and most obvious way to make your outdoor living space feel warmer is by adding heat. Built-in fireplaces are a great addition if you are designing from scratch. Fire pits and backyard fireplaces made the #1 spot on the American Society of Landscape Architects’ list of the most popular outdoor design elements. According to a survey of over 6,000 Realtors, a 10-foot in diameter natural stone, gas fire pit will yield on average 67% ROI. If you want a firepit without the full backyard renovation, you can go with a firepit like this from Solo Stove, or use patio heaters. These won’t break the bank either.

Incorporate Comfortable Seating

Adding blankets and seat cushions to seating areas can make sitting out in the cold more comfortable. If you have built-in seating areas consider getting cushions built for those as well. Warm fleece and faux fur blankets add a nice touch and added warmth no matter the time of day. According to this article for Home Garden and Homestead, “Don’t worry a bit about whether everything matches. There’s something charming and homey about pulling together a mix-and-match offering of handmade quilts, buffalo plaid blankets, and fuzzy fleece throws. You might find that your guests are so comfortable they may not want to leave!”

Add Some Lighting

Landscape lighting is a great way to make things more beautiful, but it also makes the space feel warmer. Veranda magazine says the right lighting almost instantly changes the mood and helps draw people out and embrace the outdoors. This is a critical investment that will transform your outdoor space. Built-in lighting features that create dimension with up and down lighting are ideal if you are starting from scratch. For those looking to make a quick fix, consider adding some outdoor string lights to brighten up the space.

Work With Us

Nurney Landscape & Design has over 35 years of landscape design experience in Bucks County. Jay Nurney is the lead designer and owner of Nurney Landscape & Design. Jay has the ability to look at a landscape and visualize the options with the elements you have in mind. Many landscape companies are recognizable with a specific look/feel. By working with Nurney Landscape & Design, we can ensure that you will have a fully customized and unique aesthetic for your outdoor space!


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