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Enjoy A Summer Of Entertaining by Starting On Projects Now

For many people, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and summer parties are a major reason why they invest so much time and money on their outdoor living space and landscaping. Sipping a drink on the patio with friends in the Pennsylvania sunshine may feel far away, but if you plan to host the neighborhood 4th of July party, you need to start on your landscape projects now!

Starting your landscaping projects in early spring ensures that your design will be approved and finalized to make sure that the project is completed in time for you to enjoy the full warm weather season. Planting schedules are also incredibly important. Every species of plant, tree, and flower is different, but most need to be planned and planted in early spring to ensure successful growth for the entire summer.

The Nurney team believes that every landscape and hardscape project is as unique as the homeowner. It is not just a designed tree island or some colorful patio beds as an afterthought. Your landscape project is unique to you and we want to make sure that you have the attention and we have the appropriate prep time to complete the landscape project of your dreams.

We understand the timing of projects. Nurney Landscape & Design also understands the Bucks County environment, the land, the weather, and we leverage this knowledge to make and maintain beautiful spaces. Let’s start your spring landscape project today so you can enjoy a full summer of entertaining. 215- 794-8599

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