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Closing The Gender Gap In Landscaping

How Many Women Work In Landscaping?

According to research from Zippia, there are over 381,044 Landscapers currently employed in the United States. 10.3% of all Landscapers are women, while 85.7% are men. We are happy to report that for the past year our workforce has been an even split between men and women.

Women At Nurney Landscape

“Having a more diverse employee base has been great for our business and helped create a more welcoming and dynamic work environment,” said Jay Nurney. “Seeing women enter the industry and start a career in this field has been amazing.” Landscaping has stereotypically been a job for men, and in 2022 this still rings true for most landscaping companies. We feel optimistic about this change within our own company and look forward to seeing this shift extend into the rest of the industry.

Shifting The Demographics

In a time when hiring is tight across most industries, women entering the landscaping workforce has also been a relief. There are resources like the Women in Landscape Network which was created to support women who are already working in the landscaping industry, as well as to inspire those who may be interested in a landscaping career to follow their aspirations.

Work For Nurney Landscape & Design

If you are interested in starting a career in landscaping, Nurney Landscape & Design could be the perfect place for you. Our company is filled with hardworking, kind, and passionate men and women. We are a growing company compiled of a fun group that is easy to get along with, and we would love to learn more about you! Please fill out an application if you are interested in joining the Nurney team.


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