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Adding Light To Your Landscape This Winter

Landscape lighting is a great way to add beauty, safety, and added value to your property. This is especially true during the winter months. Outdoor spaces can be transformed with landscape lighting by accenting plants, hardscapes, and the architecture of your home. In addition, adding lights along pathways, staircases, and driveways will make it safer to navigate during the night. Landscape lighting will add value to your home and improve your overall home experience! Need some ideas for landscape lighting on your property? Check out our past article on different types of lighting you can incorporate into your landscape!

Darker Months

A dark property poses several safety risks. When walkways and stairs are not lit properly, it’s hard for families and visitors to see where they’re going and avoid obstacles. That’s when trips and falls happen. Subtle lights can be incorporated into the landscaping around your patio or front steps, giving it a rich feel along with enhanced safety. Outdoor lighting can also help deter crime since the last thing burglars want is a spotlight shining on them while they attempt to enter your home or car.

Feel Warmer During The Winter

Landscape lighting is a great way to make things more beautiful, but it also makes the space feel warmer. Veranda magazine says the right lighting almost instantly changes the mood and helps draw people out and embrace the outdoors. This is a critical investment that will transform your outdoor space. Built-in lighting features that create dimension with up and down lighting are ideal if you are starting from scratch. For those looking to make a quick fix, consider adding some outdoor string lights to brighten up the space.

Work With Us

Nurney Landscape & Design has over 35 years of landscape design experience in Bucks County. Jay Nurney is the lead designer and owner of Nurney Landscape & Design. Jay has the ability to look at a landscape and visualize the options with the elements you have in mind. Many landscape companies are recognizable with a specific look/feel. By working with Nurney Landscape & Design, we can ensure that you will have a fully customized and unique aesthetic for your outdoor space! You can contact us today by filling out one of our lead forms.


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